Make Rojava green again

Die im Aufbau befindliche Kommune hat es sich in Abstimmung mit dem Ökologie Komitte von Cizire unter anderem zum Ziel gesetzt, die Aufforstung Rojavas zu unterstützen. Auf ihrer informativen englischsprachigen Seite erklären sie:

We, the Internationalist Commune of Rojava, want to contribute to the ecological revolution in Northern Syria. To this end, we have started the campaign “Make Rojava Green Again”, in cooperation with the Ecology Committee of the Cizire

The first practical project of the campaign has been the construction of the Internationalist Commune campsite and it’s academy with ecological ethos. Today, all the buildings are finished, hundreds of trees have been planted and our academy – the Academy Şehîd Hêlîn Qereçox, named in honor of our internationalist fallen comrade Anna Campbell – already saw many different educations pursuing its role of introducing internationalists to Rojava as well as creating a place of reflection and discussion on the topic of ecology. The ecological work still continues on the site through maintaining the different young orchards installed the last years, planting new trees, taking care of the vegetable garden, …, as well as our project of reforesting the nearby river down the campsite. Through the practical work and the ideological discussions, its ultimate goal is to strengthen awareness and environmental consciousness, pushing to build up a free and ecological society.

Since the beginning, we also participated together with the Committee for Natural Conservation in the reforestation of the Hayaka natural reserve, near the city of Derik, in Cizire Canton. Hundreds of trees have already been planted, creating a safe haven for the wild life of the region, endangered by the disappearance of their natural habitats.

Besides those, we also take part as for example in:

  1. Joining the work of the Autonomous Administration of North-Eastern Syria in ecological projects for reforestation and for the installation of ecological gardens in Derik and nearby villages.
  2. Participating in projects for the development of renewable energy, as the installation of solar panels in villages.
  3. Helping for material support for existing and future ecological projects of the Democratic Self-administration, including sharing of knowledge between activists, scientists and experts with committees and structures in Rojava, developing a long-term perspective for an ecological Northern Syria Federation.